The Orphan Brigade - Heart of the Cave

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Trailer for The Orphan Brigade’s ‘Heart of the Cave’

Heart of the Cave is the new album from The Orphan Brigade, following on from their award winning film Soundtrack to a Ghost Story (2015).

Written and recorded in the labyrinth of caves below the streets of Osimo, Italy, Heart of the Cave is “an exploration of transformation and mysticism”, an extension of some of the the themes discovered by The Orphan Brigade during the recording and filming of Soundtrack to a Ghost Story.

The album will be released by AMA-UK member label At the Helm Records.

The Orphan Brigade is a collaboration between Neilson Hubbard, Joshua Britt and UK Americana Award winner Ben Glover. Gretchen Peters (Ben Glover’s cowriter on that award winning Song of the Year, ‘Blackbirds’, and narrator of Soundtrack to a Ghost Story), features again on the new album, alongside Barry Walsh, Kris Donegan, Heather Donegan, Will Kimbrough, Dean Marold, Dan Mitchell, Eamon McLoughlin, Natalie Schlabs and Audrey Spillman.

2015’s Soundtrack to a Ghost Story was recorded in one of the most haunted houses in the Southern US, The Octagon Hall in Franklin, KY, and went on to win a host of awards. If you didn’t see, you can watch it here:

The collaboration between The Orphan Brigade and At the Helm Records is an inspiring development in the connections between UK and US Americana music scenes.

At The Helm Records have established close ties with US companies as a result of visits to AmericanaFest, with the AMA-UK playing a key role. At The Helm’s relationship with US tastemaker label Last Chance Records has seen them releasing several key Americana titles in the UK such as John Moreland’s In The Throes, Austin Lucas’s Between The Moon & The Midwest and the recent Romantica album Shadowlands. Over the pond, Last Chance will be releasing UK Americana Award winner Robert Vincent’s I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins at the end of this month.

Over the past few months, At The Helm’s sister company Brighthelmstone Promotions have arranged successful European tours for the likes of American Aquarium and Turnpike Troubadours (a true collaborative effort alongside BPA Live, Sedate Bookings and Nashville agency Red 11 Music).

Heart of the Cave is released on At the Helm Records in September 2017.