Membership Benefits

By joining the Americana Music Association UK you are supporting an organisation that gives a voice to a genre of music that otherwise would not be heard. We’re a professional not-for-profit trade organisation whose mission is to promote American Roots Music in the UK.

We work to increase the general awareness of our genre and community by raising profile and above all by connecting artists to appreciative audiences and to each other.

We conduct an ongoing campaign via grassroots marketing, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and, most important of all, word of mouth.

When you join the Americana Music Association UK, as well as knowing that you are a supporter of the music you love, you have access to the members directory, voting privileges and an annual Conference and Awards event.

You will also be entitled to participate in the nominations and voting process for our annual Awards.

From time to time we offer special discounts and opportunities to attend special events and for artists to showcase at selected festivals and events.

Only through your membership and financial support can we continue to do our work.

If you would like to become a member and help support the music that we (all) love or you would like more information, email us at