Ralph McLean

Songwriting Workshop Artists Announced

Songwriting Workshop in association with PRS

We are pleased to announce the songwriters who have been selected by Ralph McLean (BBC Radio Ulster) to take part in the Songwriting Workshop on day two of our conference. Ralph listened ‘blind’ to all the songs that had been submitted and used his considerable experience as a roots music broadcaster to make his selection.

Robin Bennett
Jess Morgan
Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer
Martyna Wren
Jamie Freeman
James Foley
Megan O’Neill
Claydon Connor

The songwriting workshop takes place on the second day of the AMA-UK conference at Chats Palace in Hackney. Panellists are: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Graham Gouldman, Angaleena Presley and Glen Phillips.

The eight selected songwriters will perform a song in front of the panel and audience of conference delegates, and then discuss the song with the panellists. Last year’s workshop was a highlight of the conference and we’re excited this year to have another incredible panel of successful and award-winning songwriters to offer critique and advice.

The full conference schedule is here