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Looking for a New England - a new music film featuring Misty River, Katherine Priddy and Chloe Foy - Premier Showing

Featuring live performances, interviews and a one-off collaboration from Misty River, Katherine Priddy and Chloe Foy, Looking for a New England is a rich and intimate music film featuring three of the most exciting UK artists in the folk and Americana scene today. The film was shot at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield by Northern Cowboys and produced by British Underground.”

Followed by:

The Broadside Hack

The Broadside Hack is a short documentary film from British Underground exploring the influence of traditional folk songs on a new generation of musicians. The documentary was made in collaboration with Broadside Hacks and features Shovel Dance Collective, Thyrsis, caroline, Broadside Hacks, and Boss Morris. It was filmed at Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire in August 2021

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