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What our members say...

"Being a member of AMA-UK for 2 years now has been brilliant for my career. The weekly news letter has exciting opportunities for members, one of these was looking for a vocalist and was lucky enough to be chosen, I am now working regularly with the team at 'Metropolis Studios' with 'Feel For Music' as a session singer and writer. Through the annual conference I've been able to connect with countless other industry folks in the wider AMA-UK community, I’ve met some fantastic musicians who are playing on my latest record that I'm happy to say have also become good friends.” Daniel Spiller (Artist, Writer, Producer)   - Artist Membership

"I pride myself in being a successful DIY grassroots artist in the ever changing music industry landscape, and being part of organisations like the AMA U.K. have been so important to that success. The opportunities to network, both here and in the USA have lead to incredible shows, festival slots, songwriting camps, national radio play and has given me lifelong friends in this quite frankly, somewhat lonely industry. I am so incredibly grateful to Stevie and the whole team at the AMA UK and feel honoured to be a part of it. Every grassroots act that calls themselves “Americana” should be a part of this organisation - you are just shooting your self in the foot if you are not!" Elles Bailey  - Artist membership

"I joined the AMA UK last year as soon as I discovered what it was! I'd only been performing for a year or so, and when I applied for some of the different showcase opportunities at festivals I really didn't expect anything as it was such early days of my music career, but to my surprise I was selected for Red Rooster and the Long Road festival. I'm incredibly grateful for those opportunities, and it's great that the AMA UK support both established artists and those like me who are just starting out. The January conference was also super helpful, with really interesting speakers and panelists and great showcase performances - all really inspiring for somebody like me just learning the ropes! I would definitely recommend joining, even if just to be part of the amazingly supportive community of like-minded people." Banjo Jen   -Artist Membership

"As a musician, it's all too easy sometimes to feel like you're going it alone.  And as an American, who now spends quite a lot of time in the UK, it's been so lovely to join a professional association that supports and promotes the very music I've always wanted to make, even though I'm away from home.  Through AMA-UK, I've made friends, as well as professional contacts that have already proved themselves to be invaluable.  The warm community you find when you join AMA-UK is like an embrace, and I'm so proud to be a member of such an inclusive and thriving organisation."  Sunny Ozell - Patron Membership

"I find being a member of the AMA-UK a great way to meet like-minded music fans and discuss music, new albums, recent gigs, future gigs etc.  It also affords you cheap access to the fantastic annual awards ceremony/festival.” Ken Beveridge -  Supporter Membership

"Membership in the AMA-UK is the most worthwhile (and affordable) investments anyone affiliated with Americana music in the UK or the world can make. The year round outreach and opportunities are incredibly valuable and the AMA-UK event itself is excellent in every sense. The quality of the festival showcases is brilliant. The panels and programming of the event are valuable. The opportunity to meet with your peers is unrivalled. Aside from all these valuable parts of the conference and the incredibly well produced awards show, most importantly the event is permeated throughout with a deep sense of community. A community that is itself a celebration of the genre and all its parts.  It is the sum of these parts that makes it such a delightful organisation to belong to, and it is those parts that celebrate and support Americana community together annually at the conference, festival and awards, as well as year round.  I am honoured to be a member of this very fine organisation. "  Shawna Cooper, Dollartone  - Industry membership

“West on Colfax are just starting out in the Americana scene, and we feel it's important to be part of a wider community. Supporting each other, helping to create a network for musicians to find gigs and contacts. This is why we have just joined AMA-UK to connect with like minds and see where this can take us. There’s a real appetite for Americana and it's many strands, within the UK and AMA-UK is a great banner for us to be under.”  Scott Carey - West on Colfax -Artist membership

“I am enjoying my membership as it offers bang-up-to-date info on the Americana music scene (which helps my two-hour, weekly radio show) while the live events, such as January’s awards’ night in London plus three evenings of gigs, have been excellent with great line-ups at great membership discounted prices.”  Mike Ritchie -  Supporter Membership

"My first encounter with the good people of AMA - UK came about on my maiden trip to Americana Fest in Nashville some years back. Each return visit has drawn me to their showcase events at the festival and also to shows staged by their members, promoters and record labels. In recent years the association have brought some outstanding acts over to the U.K. to perform at their own festival in Hackney. I made the trip across to Hackney this year and was bowled over by the festival and in particular the smooth running across the three days, handled by such a small team of organisers. It's certainly pencilled in as an annual pilgrimage on the Lonesome Highway calendar going forward. I'd highly recommend membership of the organisation to help promote the music we cherish and to help AMA - UK continue to grow from strength to strength. " Declan Culliton - Lonesome Highway - Supporter Membership

"As an independent artist, without membership to the AMAUK, I wouldn't have been afforded the opportunity to play a range of wonderful festivals, all dedicated to Americana and country music. I wouldn't have met some of the wonderfully supportive and passionate people who perform, promote and support Americana music. The music industry can be a difficult place to navigate on your own, and the AMAUK offers a community of people who can help."  Steve Grozier - Artist Membership

"It's been really worthwhile for me to be a member of the AMA UK. As a singer-songwriter, the weekly newsletters keep me informed of everything going on in the industry and I have also been lucky enough to showcase at the 2019 festival in Hackney. This has, undoubtedly, led me to new opportunities and has helped me to connect with fellow artists, agents, bookers and, generally, Americana enthusiasts. AMA UK also offer members-only opportunities to play at UK festivals, which is worth the modest annual membership fee in itself."  Martha L Healy  - Artist Membership

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