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"Just like in the Movies" - Getting Your Music on TV, Film and More: The world of Sync Pitching.

It's the dream for lots of musicians - getting one of your songs into a film, a TV drama, an advert, or in recent years a video game. But how do you go about doing it? What's the magic ingredient to get your music heard by the right people? In the first part of this panel we hear from music supervisors involved in sync pitching, and from labels and publishers who hold the music rights.

And afterwards its your chance to pitch to the people that matter. Ticket holders can submit one song for sync pitching consideration and shortlisted songs will be discussed by our panel of music professionals.

Submit your song here  (only registered delegates will have songs considered)

Please do not upload more than one file. One submission per artist.
Deadline for submissions is midnight on Friday 30th December. 

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