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We paused yesterday #blackouttuesday... what next

3 Jun 2020 9:16 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thank you to all our members who joined us in the day of learning yesterday.  Blackout Tuesday was a day of silence, a day to pause and show respect but also a day to take stock and learn about how we can do better. 

AMA-UK will now do more for our BAME members and work hard to encourage more BAME artists to join us  - we invite you to work with us on improving what we do  - if you have resources ideas or information about positive action we can take or that you have taken please do get involved, comment below to start this conversation or email if you want to share privately. 

Being silent on Racism is not an option, AMA-UK accept this and we want to now work actively be more inclusive. 

Here is some food for thought...

Educate yourselves and others...Learn, read and share - be vocal about what you have learnt   - there is no shame in sharing that you have discovered you can do better 

A good read: For Our White Friends Desiring To Be Allies 

Resources to use with your children

An comprehensive resource list from The Show Must Be Paused initiative 

Donate if you can....We know lots of people are finding life very tough right now, especially financially so we are not saying you should donate, but if you want to help some of those who are in peril during th protests in the USA here are some places you can do that.

List of Black Lives Matter Resources 

Talk to each other...We are a wonderful community of members, we can help each other, we must keep this dialogue going  - we have spoken about this at conference most years, are we learning? are we doing better? let's keep this up, LET'S DO BETTER.

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