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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you review my album?

We do not review albums. However if you do have a new release and get a great review you would like to share members can send links to us for consideration to add to the weekly members mailing.

Can you help me book a tour?

Many of our members are professional booking agents and as a member you can search for them in the members directory. We can't help you directly with bookings.

How do I get nominated for an award?

Nomination information can be found on this page LINK

Who can vote in the awards?

All members in good standing are eligible to vote for the 7 member voted awards. More information about voting here LINK

How do I apply to showcase at AmericanaFest UK in London?

Applications open in August each year – all members are told via member mailings and social media.

As a member of AMA-UK Can I apply to showcase in Nashville at Americanafest?

To apply to showcase in Nashville you either need to be a member of AMA or you can pay to apply via their website. This is totally separate from AMA-UK membership. 

How can I play one of the AMA-UK Festival stages?

As a member you will be alerted to each member opportunity throughout the year so keep an eye on the mailings and social media.

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